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'INOFACE' Modeling cup pack

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Product Detail Information

1. Net weight : 18 g


2. Features :

  1) Makes your skin clear and clean by controlling sebum secretion.

  2) Individual package for one-time use.

  3) Convenient skin care by pouring and mixing water in the cup without using additional tools.

  4) Absorption of sebum and blemishes in the pores.

  5) Easy peel-off removing without cleaning up.


3. Function

  1) Black food : Oily Skin & Pore Care

  2) Chlorella : Skin Improvement

  3) Yoghurt : Skin elasticity

  4) Propolis : Moisturizing Nutrient

  5) Acerola : Improve Skin Tone

  6) Peppermint : Soothing & Pore Management

  7) Vitamin : Brightening & Skin Improvement

  8) Collagen : Skin elasticity

  9) Shining : Pore tightening & Brightening of facial complexion

  10) Tea tree : Control sebum & Trouble


4. How to Use

  1) Take out the spatula and put water into the cup. (Put water twice using the cap)

  2) Stir powder with the spatula until smooth.

  3) Apply to your face from the inner to the outer.

  4) Leave on for 10~15 minutes and take off the dried pack from the bottom to the top.

  5) If some contents are left on the skin, cleanse with a cotton puff soaked in lukewarm water or toner.




Product Detail Image

_INOFACE_ Modeling cup pack

_INOFACE_ Modeling cup pack

_INOFACE_ Modeling cup pack

_INOFACE_ Modeling cup pack

_INOFACE_ Modeling cup pack